Legong Taksu

Weny and Casey

Legong Taksu Dance (432,350KB-mpg)
Legong Taksu Dance (35,276KB-wmv)

Legong Taksu - This dance was inspired by sacred headdresses called "sesuwunan" (which literally means "one that is carried on the head"). Before every performance in Bali, all musicians and dancers give offerings to the Supreme Being to ask for "taksu" (divine energy, spiritual power) to ensure that the performance is meaningful and successful. This dance embodies the concept of receiving taksu from the universe and the earth, and transmuting that energy into dance as a presentation of offering and blessing, thus continuing the cycle. Choreographed by I Nyoman Cerita, 2005.



Ratnayu Dance (448,960-mpg)
Ratnayu Dance (36,964-wmv)

Ratnayu - This dance focuses on the true meaning of beauty and grace. The intention of the dance is to express the importance of "Tri Hitakarana", a Balinese-Hindu principle of cosmic harmony, or the "three causes of happiness". This principle emphasizes the necessity of maintaining and reinforcing a harmonic relationship between humans and God, between humans themselves, and lastly, between humans and the environment. The dancers represent a princess and her ladies in waiting. They embody true inner beauty which is reflected in their outer beauty. Choreographed by I Nyoman Cerita, 2004


I Wayan Susila and Gusti Ngurah Santa


Barong - The Barong is a beloved mythical creature which represents the positive forces of the universe. It is believed that it brings joy, hope, and blessings to all those present - both seen and unseen. It is also said to create an atmosphere of balance and harmony in the place that it is performed.


Marching Band led by Made Lasmawan

Belaganjur (235,054-mpg)
Belaganjur (19,385-wmv)

Belaganur - Belaganjur is a marching gamelan, or musical procession. The instruments are made up of cymbals, bronze pots, gongs, and drums. The belaganjur is often seen in Bali accompanying ritual processions related to ceremonial events, such as weddings, funerals, temple ceremonies, etc.

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