Casey is currently teaching female style Balinese dance at the Indonesian Consulate in Los Angeles. She is also available for private lessons. If you or your child have a serious interest in studying Balinese dance, you may contact her via e-mail at: Casey

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"My Students first performance" (552kbps-wmv)
"My Students first performance" (134mb-mpg)

Personal message from Casey:

As a dance instructor, I have found that I love to teach Balinese dance to people, especially children, who are thirsty for this knowledge. Age and ability do not matter to me. What matters most to me is the desire to dance from the heart.

As a child, one of the things that most attracted me to Indonesian dance was the strong spiritual (not religious) component of the art. Being raised in America, in a culture that is, in my opinion, lacking in the acknowledgement and respect of spirituality on a day to day basis; I found that learning to connect to a divine energy through dance gave me a strong foundation and sense of peace. I found a passion in dance that was far beyond just catering to the physical body. It has served many purposes in my life, it has been a means of release, expression, meditation, prayer, healing, and even has served as a guideline for my daily life. In essence, it has nourished my heart, mind, body and soul throughout my life.

From the moment I could walk, all I wanted to do was dance. Little did I know that when I first welcomed dance into my life, at the age of seven, I was entering a world that would provide sustenance and meaning for my being. Today there are a few things I could not live without - family, friends, and dance. I am blessed to be a part of a group of exceptional dancers, musicians, and teachers. Our purpose as a unit goes far beyond just advancing our art. We are a family in the true sense of the word, celebrating the joys and achievements in our lives, and helping each other through the trials and tribulations that come our way. Our children, spouses, and food often infiltrate our rehearsals, creating an atomsphere of community, and an interconnectedness that runs much deeper and stronger than simply a music and dance group. I have been fortunate in my life to have the parents, husband, children, and teachers who have supported, encouraged, and made it possible for me to find my passion and grow with it, and for them I am grateful. In a sense, I feel it is my obligation to offer this opportunity to others to help find and nurture their passion if it so happens to be in dance. Also I just really love to teach!

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