Sassy girls-Wuri, Christa, Nancy
Dhita, Christa, Weny
Djoko family
Casey's back
Agung, Ashton, and Niken
Sandra, Weny, Nancy, Niken, and Wuri
Weny and her boys
Backstage at Schoenburg
Fighting roosters-Sandra and Niken
After Javanese dance drama'06
Pigging out after a performance
Christa, Sandra, Casey, Nancy, Niken
Checking out our stage
Fighting rooster-Sandra
The ladies and Agung
At the Grove
Staying in line in Peru
Goofing off in Peru
Sewing costumes at 2AM in Peru
Cultural exchange in Mexico
Backstage at SDSU'07
Sandra, Casey, Niken, Nancy
Ibu Djoko giving blessing to Maggie
Casey and Niken saying goodbye to Mita
Tyler blessing Maggie's tummy
Little Made-Baris 1979
Niken doing makeup
Sexy couple in the'70s
Pak and Ibu Djoko saying goodbye to Mita
Wuri, Nancy, Ayumi
Weny blessing Maggie for a safe delivery
Maggie's eyes
Goofballs in Peru-Wuri, Nancy, Casey
Sassy girls-Ayumi, Nancy, Niken

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